Rona is an island off the mainland of Scotland and the Isle of Skye. The Island has had a long history of occupation and the remains of its inhabitants can still be found in this remote place. The project documents and maps the Island through […]

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Marc Atkinson

Trinity Walk

  I created 5 5 sec films for Big Screen Little Picture a project to create short videos for a large digital screen at Trinity Walk shopping Centre in Wakefield.  The project was developed by The Art House, a national Visual Arts Organisation, based in Wakefield, […]

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A House Divided

A House Divided was a theatre piece in collaboration with writer Craig Baxter and Director Patrick Morris featuring integrated video. Initial stills below are from concept ideas for a an early-stage presentation of the theatre piece inspired by the work of Professor Emily Holmes and […]

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Mental Play – Video projection designs

Mental Play is a theatre production written and directed by Tamsin Flower with integrated video segments.  Stills below are from Initial video projection designs. The form of a triangle has been used primarily to reflect  on the reference to a ‘relationship triangle’ Footage use will […]

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Night walks in the garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh were founded in 1670 as a physic garden to grow medicinal plants. Most current Botanical gardens developed from these types of herb garden which were developed partly in consideration of their medicinal properties. Many of the original physic gardens […]

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Regents Canal

Regents Canal is a commission with Leslie Deere for the opening of Kings Place in 2008. King’s Cross is known for its station and bustling pace, but the canal is a hidden and important part of the area and the city. King’s Cross is changing at such a […]

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Fragile boundaries: Happisburgh

Where we choose to live on the margins or wherever you have a margin between two types of man-made and natural landscape, there is often a greater awareness of mortality or at least the fragile boundaries between life and death. The coastal village of Happisburgh […]

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X Marks the Spot

I was invited to attend a residency at the Level Centre in Rowsley, Derbyshire as part of the Re: Place project curated by David Gilbert. Set in the Peak District, the Level Cente is equipped with a four and two screen projection space. I initially […]

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