Night-time Economy

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Many cities and their residents are adapting to the needs of a 24/7 society where work and lifestyle habits revolve around the global forces of late capitalism. As our lifestyles change to suit the demands of work, there are many social and economic opportunities in expanding the nighttime economy. Cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Rotterdam have developed innovative ways of lighting central areas and extending opening hours, to create vibrant social scenes and in turn boost local economies. Artificial light however, is globally one of the most widely distributed forms of anthropogenic pollution. Artificial lighting masks natural monthly and seasonal regimes of lunar sky brightness in cities and increases the number and annual regime of full moon equivalent hours available to organisms during the night. The changes have potentiallyprofound ecological consequences.

This new project using the city of Rotterdam will research and reflect on the impact of the night-time economy on social and economic life and the effects on the environment in and around the city. The night-time has primarily been a space of wildness and wilderness, dominated by nocturnal plants, organisms and wild life. As we encroach further into this space, how much are we altering environmental cycles as well as our own primarily domesticated and day-time nature?

Using Photography, film, the project will interrogate, document and juxtapose the impact of the night-time economy in Rotterdam. The project will also interview night-workers, biologists and environmentalists to consider alternate views of the benefits and negative impact of the expansion of city-centre nightlife.

Night-time economy is an ongoing research project by artist Marc Atkinson developed during his stay at Charlois Aan Het Water  in Rotterdam. The project is funded and supported by CBK Rotterdam and the Artists International Development Fund

Paradoxical Sleep (extract) from Marc Atkinson on Vimeo.


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